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There are many ingredients that go into making us the World's largest maker of custom shade sails. The primary considerations are ...

A web site that is easy and intuitive to use providing a lot of information to make the purchasing choice much easier.

Customer service that is helpful, courteous, answering questions, solving problems and providing advice in a very quick and timely manner.

Selling only the very best that we can make along with a 15-year warranty program.

But all that would be for nothing if we could not get a shade sail on your doorstep within a few days from you placing the order. Same sort of problem as a restaurant that has fantastic food a beautiful ambience in beautiful surroundings, but you have to wait half an hour to get served.


For nearly 20 years we have placed our faith in DHL for our worldwide delivery logistics and after many, many thousands of shipments we have never been let down. Even at the height of the Covid pandemic we were able to deliver to people in lockdown all around the world.

All our shade sails are shipped air express and normally take 3-5 days from the time they leave the factory until they are delivered to your door. With up to a two-day production cycle in our factory this means delivery is normally within 7 days from date of ordering.

Exceptions are remote locations, such as outback Australia, remote regions of North and South America and countries with a poor infrastructure where DHL has to pass the package to sub-contractors. In these, rare instances, delivery can take another 7 - 10 days.


It might not look pretty but packing the shade sail this way reduces the volumetric weight thus the freight cost.

Because it looks a little bit like shade cloth we sometimes get panic emails "I ordered a bright yellow shade sail but you have sent me a green one! What can you do to fix it?" The answer is easy "Just unwrap it!"

NOTE: Great car should be taken unwrapping the package. Avoid using blades instead use scissors with the rounded blade to the inside of the packaging so as to avoid cutting the shade cloth

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